The UAHT Together campaign provides rich opportunities for students, faculty, staff, and the general public to hear from content experts and other professionals who address important issues of diversity. To broaden these efforts, the UAHT Chancellors Taskforce on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion sponsors the UAHT Together Lecture Series, which encourages ongoing introspection on timely issues of diversity, equity and inclusion. These talks offer a space for productive dialogue about concerns such as historical events and months of celebration, perceived inequities, biases, and microaggressions that impact our campus community and beyond.

The lectures provide action-oriented strategies for enacting individual and institutional change. Attendees also gain a new perspective and ideas on how to support each other as a campus community while also working towards healing in the face of injustice. Each of the distinguished presenters will deliver a lecture that is open to the campus community in an in-person or virtual setting. Visit theUAHTTogetherYouTube channelto access the lecture series.