The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Procurement Office in partnership with Campus Community strives to provide the necessary commodities and services to insure the University’s goals. Providing support focused on risk mitigation, contract compliance, cost savings, and state mandated guidelines.

Bids and/or Questions should be directed to:
Sandra Aultman
Purchasing Agent
University of Arkansas Community College at Hope-Texarkana
P.O. Box 140
2500 S. Main
Hope, AR 71802-0140
Phone: 870.722.8215
Fax: 870.722.8542
E-Mail: sandra.aultman@uaht.edu

Note: When the University of Arkansas Hope Texarkana is closed for any reason (i.e. inclement weather, fire or other natural disaster) all bid openings and pre-bid meetings are postponed until the next open & operational work day, and the bid will be opened at the same time stated in the solicitation.