The TRiO SSS Tutoring Center offers participants a variety of options to supplement their academic experience. Tutorials are offered in several formats: student-led workshops (CRAM Sessions), individualized sessions in the Tutoring Center, in-class or embedded tutoring, and online tutorials. All Tutoring Center services are free, accessible, and convenient to TRiO SSS participants.


Student-led Workshops

Students have the opportunity to work with tutors and the TRiO SSS Educational Specialist on study skills like Concentration, Repetition/review, Assistive technology, and Memorization at monthly C.R.A.M. Sessions. Also, tutors will assist students in locating phone apps that help with studying. These sessions are held in the Student Center.

Check your student email, Potty-Talk announcements, and the UAHT phone app for upcoming workshop dates.


Individualized Tutoring Sessions

Each semester, faculty recommend students who have successfully completed their courses to act as peer tutors. Tutors are available by appointment in the TRiO SSS Tutoring Center. Tutors:

  • review assignments
  • help students plan long and short-term goals
  • help students develop methods and strategies for solving problems rather than simply giving answers to questions

It is important to note that tutors will not provide students with answers or do the work for the student.

Tutor schedules may be viewed and appointments may be made at


Embedded (In-Class) Tutoring

Embedded Tutoring offers regularly scheduled out-of-class study sessions to all students enrolled in the course. The sessions are led by tutors who have previously and successfully completed the course.

The tutor will take notes while attending class, regularly meet with your professor, and participate in the lessons. This means they will be familiar with the course materials and lecture topics. In the weekly sessions, you will develop study strategies for note-taking, organization, questioning techniques, vocabulary, and test preparation as you review course material with your classmates and the tutor.


Online Tutoring

We are happy to announce the availability of online tutoring for all UAHT students via NetTutor. Online math tutoring is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Writing assignments can be submitted 24 hours a day, every day of the week and all writing submissions to NetTutor have a 48 hour turnaround time. All other subjects follow the NetTutor subject hours for the semester. We strongly recommend our students to use the free tutoring.

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