Many more eBooks about psychology are available through the Librarys databases.

Act like a lady, think like a man: what men really think about love, relationships, intimacy, and commitment by Steve Harvey. Call #: HQ801 .H35249 2011

Alcoholics Anonymous: the story of how many thousands of men and women have recovered from alcoholism by Bill W. Call no: HV5275 .W15 1976

B.F. Skinner: a life by Daniel W. Bjork. Call no: BF109.S55 B46 1997

Child development by Robert S. Feldman.Call #: HQ767.9 .F43 2001

Bouncing back: how to handle setbacks in your work and personal life by Andrew J. DuBrin. Call no: BF637.S8 D69 1982

Career clues for the clueless by Christopher D. Hudson. Call no: HF5381 .H7717 1999

The child with special needs: encouraging intellectual and emotional growth by Stanley I. Greenspan. Call #: HV894 .G73 1998

The complete guide to mental health for women edited by Lauren Slater, Jessica Henderson Daniel, and Amy Elizabeth Banks. Call no: REF RC451.4.W6 C65

The complete idiots guide to winning through negotiation by John Ilich. Call #: BF637.N4 I442 1996

The dance of anger: a womans guide to changing the patterns of intimate relationships by Harriet Goldhor Lerner. Call #: BF575.A5 L47 1989

The dangerous case of Donald Trump: 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts assess a president edited by Bandy X. Lee, M.D., M.Div. Call #: E913.3.D36 2017

Darkness visible: a memoir of madness by William Styron. Call no: RC537 .S88 1992

The daughter trap: taking care of mom and dadand you by Laurel Kennedy. Call #: HQ1063.6 .K46 2010

A deeper shade of blue: a womens guide to recognizing and treating depression in her childbearing years by Ruta Nonacs. Call #: RC451.4.W6 N66 2007

Dinosaurs divorce: a guide for changing families by Laurene Krasny Brown. Call no: HQ814 .B76 1986

Discrimination against women: prevalence, consequences, remedies. Hope Landrine, edited by Elizabeth A. Klonoff. Call no: HQ1237.5.U6 D57 1997

Dissociative children: bridging the inner and outer worlds. by Lynda Shirar. Call no: RJ506.P32 S55 1996

The emotional life of the toddler by Alicia F. Lieberman. Call #: HQ774.5 .L54 1993

Emotional unavailability: recognizing it, understanding it, and avoiding its trap by Bryn C. Collins.Call #: BF575.I5 C65 1997

Faking it by William Ian Miller. Call no: BF697 .M525 2003

Fish! tales: real-life stories to help you transform your workplace and your life. by Stephen C. Lundin. Call no: HF5549.5.M63 L862 2002

The five love languages of children by Gary D. Chapman. Call #: BF723.C57 C47 1997

Growing up too fast: the Rimm report on the secret world of Americas middle schoolers. by Sylvia B. Rimm. Call no: HQ777.15 .R56 2005

Help yourself: celebrating the daily rewards of resilience and gratitude by David J. Pelzer.Call #: BF637.C4 P43 2000

Helping children live with death and loss. by Dinah Seibert. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2003. Call no: BF723.D3 S563 2003

Hes just not that into you: the no-excuses truth to understanding guys by Greg Behrendt. Call #: HQ801 .B37 2004

How children fail by John Caldwell Holt. Call no: LB3063 .H627 1995.

How children learn by John Caldwell Holt. Call #: LB1060 .H64 1995

How to give effective feedback to your students by Susan M. Brookhart. Call #: LB1033 .B658 2008

The how to study book by Alan S. Brown. Call #: LB2395 .B74 2000

I thought it was just me: women reclaiming power and courage in a culture of shame by C. Bren Brown. Call #: HQ1206 .B765 2007

In the presence of grief: helping family members resolve death, dying, and bereavement issues by Dorothy Stroh Becvar. Call no: BF575.G7 B435 2001

How to want what you have: discovering the magic and grandeur of ordinary existence by Timothy Miller, PhD.Call no: BJ1533.C7 M55 1995

On death and dying by Elisabeth Kbler-Ross. Call #: BF789.D4 K8 1993

Organ donation and transplantation: psychological and behavioral factors edited by James Shanteau and Richard Jackson Harris. Call no: RD129.5 .O74 1990

Other minds: how humans bridge the divide between self and others by Bertram F. Malle and Sara D. Hodges. Call no: BF323.S63 O89 2005

Overcoming mobbing: a recovery guide for workplace aggression and bullying by Maureen P. Duffy. Call #: BF637.B85 D856 2014

Overcoming student failure: changing motives and incentives for learning by Martin V. Covington Call #: LB1065 .C656 1996

Pet loss and human bereavement edited by William J. Kay. Call no: SF411.47 .P48 1984

Platonism & positivism in psychology by Mortimer J. Adler ; with a new introduction by James R. Weiss. Call #: BF38 .A34 1995

Portraits of pioneers in psychology edited by Gregory A. Kimble, Michael Wertheimer and Charlotte White. Call no: BF109.A1 P67 1991

Psychology and industrial efficiency by Hugo Mnsterberg.

Psychology and law bridging the gap edited by David Canter, Rita ukauskien.

Psychology and mental health edited by Nancy A. Piotrowski.

Psychology: concepts and applications by Jeffrey S. Nevid. Call no: BF121 .N42 2003

Psychology, Folklore, Creativity and the Human Dilemma by Julius E. Heuscher.

Psychology in India revisited developments in the discipline edited by Janak Pandey.

The psychology of aging: theory, research, and interventions by Janet. Belsky. Call no: BF724.55.A35 B44 1990

The psychology of appearance by Nichola Rumsey.

Psychology of burnout predictors and coping mechanisms edited by Rachel V. Schwartzhoffer.

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The psychology of gender edited by Alice H. Eagly, Anne E. Beall, Robert J. Sternberg. Call no: BF692.2 .P764 2004

Psychology of denial edited by Sofa K. Ogden and Ashley D. Biebers.

The psychology of good and evil why children, adults, and groups help and harm others by Ervin Staub.

The psychology of health an introduction edited by Marian Pitts and Keith Phillips.

The psychology of human possibility and constraint by Jack Martin.

The psychology of humor an integrative approach by Rod A. Martin.

The psychology of intimacy by Prager, Karen Jean. Call #: BF575.I5 P73 1995

The psychology of lust murder paraphilia, sexual killing, and serial homicide by Catherine E. Purcell.

Psychology of risk perception edited by Joana G. Lavino and Rasmus B. Neumann.

The psychology of spirituality an introduction by Larry Culliford.

The Psychology of Stereotyping. by David Schneider. Call no: BF323.S63 S36 2004

The psychology of tactical communication edited by Michael J. Cody and Margaret L. McLaughlin.

Psychology of the future: Lessons from Modern Consciousness Research by Stanislav Grof.

Psychology of the unconscious: a study of the transformations and symbolisms of the libido: a contribution to the history of the evolution of thought. by C.G. Jung; translated by Beatrice M. Hinkle; with an introduction by William McGuire. Call no: BF173 .J8 1995

Psychology six perspectives by L. Dodge Fernald.

Psychology and mental health edited by Nancy A. Piotrowski.

See Jane win for girls: a smart girls guide to success by Sylvia B. Rimm. Call #: HQ798.R56 2003

Sex on the brain: the biological differences between men and women by Deborah Blum. Call #: QP81.5 .B58 1997

Sexual coercion in dating relationships edited by E. Sandra Byers, Lucia F. OSullivan. Call no: HV6558 .S493 1996

Suicide: the constructive/destructive self by Coletta A. Klug. Call no: RJ506.S9 b K58 1996

Understanding grief: helping yourself heal by Alan Wolfelt. Call no: BF575.G7 W64 1992

The varieties of religious experience, a study in human nature by William James. Call no: BR110 .J3 1936

Violent men: an inquiry into the psychology of violence by Hans Toch. Call #: BF575.A3 T6 1992

Women and self-esteem: understanding and improving the way we think and feel about ourselves by Linda Tschirhart Sanford. Call no: HQ1206 .S24 1984

Whos pulling your strings?: how to break the cycle of manipulation and regain control of your life. Call no: BF632.5 .B69 2004

Why we lie: the evolutionary roots of deception and the unconscious mind by David Livingston Smith. Call no: BF637.D42 S65 2004

Win your case: how to present, persuade, prevail every place, every time. by Gerry Spence. Call no: BF637.P4 S67 2005

You are what you think by David A. Stoop Call #: BF697.5.S47 S76 2003