The cost for textbooks for classes on the UA Hope-Texarkana campuses is $20 per credit hour plus tax.

For example, the cost of your book for any three-hour course will be only $60 plus tax to rent all required textbooks for that course!

About the book rental program:

  • The UAHT book rental program is now located in the Rapert Library Complex LB106, Hope campus.
  • Texarkana students will be able to pick up and return their books on the Texarkana campus.
  • You can rent all of your textbooks from the school at $20 per credit hour plus tax. A 3 credit hour class will cost $60 to rent all required textbooks for that course.
  • Students must “opt in” or “opt out”. This means all books for the semester will be provided, or no books will be provided.
  • You must bring your student id to rent your books.
  • You can use your financial aid for the book program.
  • Alternatively, you can buy your books anywhere you want to if you choose not to participate.
  • You must return the books in good condition during finals week of the semester you rented or you will have to pay for the book.
  • You cannot get your grades or transcripts if you owe the school for tuition or books.
  • Specific supplies will be sold on both campuses.


UAHT Textbook List Schedule Rental Fees