The Emergency Medical Technician Certificate of Proficiency is designed to prepare students for the EMT license exam administered by the Arkansas Health Department. The course includes basic anatomy, emergency care of patients, and emphasis on emergency intervention at an EMT level.

Students are required to be Health Care Provider CPR certified through program completion. Please consult with the program advisor if you are under the age of 23. If you have been convicted of a crime, please see the program advisor to determine eligibility. Students must be able to lift, move and perform practical skills.

EMT Pass Rates

Year Written Practical First Attempt All Attempts Retention Positive Placement
2020-21 53% 100% 38% 53% 88% 89%
2021-22 63% 100% 46% 63%   100%
2022-23 63% 100% 56% 63% 100% 100%
AVG 60% 100% 47% 60% 94% 96%


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