The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope-Texarkana has your educational needs covered.  The dedicated faculty and staff are ready to help students overcome obstacles to succeed at their educational goals.  The Faculty and Staff at U of A Hope-Texarkana “Put their money where their mouth is” when it comes to helping students.  Through the employee giving program, known on campus as “Bridge Builders,” faculty and staff elect to give a portion of their pay checks to the UACCH Foundation to assist students.  These “Bridge Builders” have funded scholarships, assisted with campus projects, helped with share a ride programs for students, and helped students in many other ways.   At U of A Hope-Texarkana 75 percent of the Faculty and Staff designated approximately $11,000 of their paychecks be donated to the UACCH Foundation.

Each year during the employee benefits fair, employees must renew their donations and the Foundation provides these “Bridge Builders” with a small token of appreciation.  This year, fleece blankets were presented to those who elected to contribute.  The group recently gathered for a picture and collectively decided that the slogan for the year of giving would be “We’ve Got You Covered”  to encourage students considering to enroll for the spring semester to come let the caring faculty and staff of U of A Hope-Texarkana help you succeed.


A group of the U of A Hope-Texarkana Bridge Builders paused this week with their Bridge Builder blankets for a picture.  The Bridge Builders annually contribute approximately $11,000 to the UACCH Foundation.