The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce that Valerie Klipsch, to honor her beloved late husband and premium loudspeaker pioneer Paul W. Klipsch, has made an additional donation to the Valerie and Paul W. Klipsch Endowed Scholarship.  The Klipsch company, which is known around the world as producer of premier loudspeakers, has a plant in Hope, which is part of the Paul W. Klipsch legacy.  This legacy began in 1946 in Hope and continues today in many ways, including scholarships at UACCH through the Valerie and Paul W. Klipsch Endowed Scholarships.

Mrs. Valerie Klipsch is continuing to build that legacy through the development of endowed funds to give more students the opportunity to pursue their educational goals.  This recent gift has raised the Kilpsch’s support of the Foundation and the UACCH students from the Colleague level to Dean’s Circle level. 

The Valerie and Paul W. Klipsch Scholarship is awarded to a citizen of the United States of America who maintains a 3.0 GPA and is a full-time student at the college.  The UACCH Foundation would like to thank Mrs. Klipsch for her support.  For more information about this scholarship and other scholarships available at UACCH, visit the college website at