With the increased use of technology on today’s college campuses it is critical to have a good technical support crew.  The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce that the Arkansas Distance Learning Association has recognized Chuck Jordan, Director of Computer Services at UACCH for his outstanding technical support and service.

Chuck Jordan and the Computer Services Department at UACCH have played a vital role in the operations of the University of Arkansas Online Consortium.  The U of A Consortium collectively connects three community colleges through a complex infrastructure that was designed, created and maintained by the UACCH Computer Services Department.  This U of A online intranet that they designed allows instructors and administrators access to critical information across campus boundaries while expanding the student’s access to more online courses than any one institution could offer. 

But Chuck Jordan doesn’t just work with the U of A Consortium Network. He also manages the UACCH network that is enrolling record numbers of students and expanding its technology needs each semester.  It is people like Chuck Jordan and the Computer Services Department at UACCH who make this College a great place to pursue your educational dreams.