UACCH TRiO Student Support Services recently awarded 7 students Supplemental Grants. Pictured are grant the following grant recipients and UACCH personnel. Individuals on the front left to right include Bobby James, Vice-Chancellor for Student Service; grant recipients Cassandra Muldrow, Hannah Hart, and Amanda Parks; Lekiesa Willis TRiO SSS Administrative Assistant; grant recipient Shawna Cooks, Jerri Nelson; TRiO Coordinator Vergina Smith, and TRiO Director, Mary White. The back row left to right TRiO Counselor Steve Ogden; grant recipient Brittany Beaver; Counselor Carolynn Beasley and grant recipient George Hawthorne.

UACCH TRiO Student Success Services Awards Supplemental Grants to Seven Students

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce that the TRiO Student Support Services recently awarded seven supplemental grants to very deserving students. The Student Support Services team at UACCH is striving to help each student further their education. One way they help is with the financial struggles and obstacles that so often get in the way of a student and their education.

In this case, TRiO Student Success Services was able to award seven -$1,097 grants to students who applied for the assistance by completing the TRiO Supplemental Grant Application. The recipients of these grants were very surprised when they were informed during the recent ceremony that they had been selected to receive these funds. The reactions from the recipients ranged from tears of joy to screams of celebration. Each of them almost instantly had a list of financial needs that these funds would help them overcome.

To qualify for the funds the students had to meet the following criteria. They had to be enrolled at UACCH for 3 or more hours, TRiO SSS participant, have an unmet need on the Pell Grant Award, a GPA of 2.0 or better, and be pre-enrolled for the Fall of 2010 semester. Each of these recipients met or exceeded these requirements for the supplemental grant award.

UACCH would like to congratulate these grant recipients. The College is proud to be the bridge to the future for our students and the community. For more information about UACCH, visit our website at