UACCH-Texarkana, which opened last Fall, is having a positive impact on the College’s ability to serve area students.  This week the University of Arkansas Board of Trustees purchased an adjacent 13.5 acres to expand the UACCH-Texarkana campus.  Growth in Miller county enrollment at UACCH has increased 213.2 % since UACCH-Texarkana opened.  With the addition of this acreage, the now 22 acre campus, located on U of A Way off of Interstate 30 on the 245 loop in Texarkana, Arkansas, is prepared to expand to meet the growing needs of the students and the community.

Funding for this purchase is anticipated through Senate Bill 418, now Act 376, that was introduced in the 89th General Assembly by Senator Jimmy Hickey.  Senator Hickey was able to secure $175,000 for the UACCH-Texarkana campus that will be used to purchase this land and assist in planning costs.

In the fall of 2011, 9.6 percent of UACCH’s enrollment was Miller County residents.  That number increased to 20.4 percent last semester when the campus opened. With a 70.7 % retention rate at UACCH-Texarkana, the campus has also expanded the number of classes offered by 38.7 % to meet student needs.   Enrollment is continuing to grow and the college is very thankful for the support it has received from the Senator Hickey, Representative Prissy Hickerson, and the entire community.

UACCH Chancellor – Chris Thomason said, “As we began looking at our service area and the students that needed to be served, we felt we could have a more positive impact in Texarkana and Miller County– especially if we had a campus in the county.  With the completion of UACCH-Texarkana, it is great to see students enrolling and succeeding in their educational goals.  Their enrolling signifies to me their desire to  invest in themselves and their community.  We are committed to serving students needs and community growth.”

UACCH-Texarkana has a growing number of classes available at the new campus.