The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope College Preparatory Academy began Saturday, January 28 on the UACCH campus with 34 students. This inaugural class of 9th grade Hope High School students in the UACCH College Prep Academy are being led by the following instructors:

  • College Math Instructor– Gina Sutton
  • Secondary Math Instructor – Michael Miller, Hope High School
  • College English Instructor – Jan Whatley
  • Secondary English Instructor – Whitney Ivy, Blevins School District
  • College Reading Instructor – Glenda Formby
  • Reading Instructor – Dara Goff, Nashville, AR
  • Careers Instructor – Staci Shupe
  • UACCH Academy Director – Edessa Walton

The purpose of the Academy is to provide enhanced academic opportunities for students to ensure that they are prepared to excel in postsecondary studies upon completion of high school. To accomplish this, the students and instructors will meet two Saturday’s a month to hone the student’s skills in reading, English, mathematics, and career planning. 

Help UACCH congratulate these students and instructors for their dedicated efforts to this program.  For more information about the Prep Academy, visit the UACCH website at














Pictured are the following students who are attending the UACCH College Preparatory Academy: 

Takkyhia Allen
Adam Anderson
Alexis Autry
Brooke Ann Blackwell
D’Shannon Burton
De’Stani Clark
Zachery Cogell
Daphne Dillon
Radreka Farris
Dayzhane Flowers
Kedriel Green
Precious Hale
Jesse Hall
Jasmine Jimenez
Kaylen Johnson
Jaylen Johnson
Quiana Key
Akirra Lucas
Carla Marquez
Hayden Tyler Massey
Ben Matchett
Dalin Mills
Kaija Muldrew
Robert Narita
Felix Ortiz
Stanley Potts
Oshiana Pree
Alonso Reyes
Tamara Sims
Cornelius Thomas
Tre’Greanna Walton
Onika Williama
Tyesha Wilson
Kassidy Witherspoon