College Preparatory Academy at the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope completed its first year Friday, June 29, with a parent appreciation luncheon on the UACCH campus. The Preparatory Academy, which began on Saturday, January 28th, has been meeting twice a month on Saturdays to provide additional instruction to the inaugural class of 9th graders.  The purpose of the academy is to improve their academic opportunities to ensure that they are prepared to excel in postsecondary studies upon completion of high school. 

During Friday’s luncheon, the following students were recognized for their accomplishments:

Four students were recognized for their “Awesome” papers.  Those students include Jesse Hall, Alonzo Reyes, Carla Marquez and Brooke Blackwell.  Three students were also recognized for outstanding character.  Those students include Alonso Reyes, Brooke Blackwell, and Kedriel Green. 

Presentations were presented by the students and Jasmine Jimenez was recognized for an outstanding presentation to the group. 

UACCH is proud to have partnered with the Hope Public Schools to provide this exciting opportunity for the 9th grade students.  It is great to have a group of students who are focused on preparing themselves for successful futures.