The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope, in partnership with the Texarkana Arkansas School District, is pleased to announce a Fall Registration event at Arkansas High, 1500 Jefferson Avenue Monday, July 18th , and Thursday, August 4th, from 6:00p.m. until 8:30 p.m.  UACCH staff will be located in the UACCH Classroom Facility in building 3 on the Arkansas High Campus. 

Students enrolling in UACCH classes will benefit from its tuition rates being among the most affordable in Arkansas, from UACCH’s student first approach; the ability to use Arkansas Challenge “Lottery” Scholarship, and from the assistance provided by the Arkansas Career Pathways program to qualifying students.  The same affordable tuition rates are also available for Bowie County residents.     

Interested students will be able to complete an initial application for admissions, begin the application process for state and federal financial aid options, and receive academic advisement for course selection for the fall 2011 semester.  UACCH is excited to offer the following six college classes this fall at Arkansas High in Texarkana. Registration for these classes will be available July 18th and August 4th in Building 3 or by visiting the UACCH Hope campus to enroll. 

Composition I                                                   MW       6:30p.m.    to     7:45p.m.

Principles of Speech                                       MW       8:00p.m.    to     9:15p.m.

History of Civilization to 1660                         M           6:30p.m.    to     9:15p.m.

General Psychology                                         W          6:30p.m.    to      9:15p.m.

College Algebra                                               TR          6:30p.m.    to     7:45p.m.

History of the US to 1865                               TR          8:00 p.m.    to    9:15p.m.

UACCH Vice-Chancellor for Academics, Jennifer Methvin said, “UACCH is looking forward to bringing our student first approach to Texarkana and Miller County.  By offering general education courses in the evening hours in such a great location, UACCH hopes to remove some of the obstacles that make it difficult for working adults, traditional and non-traditional students, and high school students in Miller County to pursue college coursework.  The UACCH and Texarkana Arkansas School District partnership is founded on our shared commitment to the educational needs of our communities.”

For more information about UACCH and the Texarkana Partnership call 870-722–8228 or 870-722-8174, or visit our website at