The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope and Texarkana Faculty are known for their dedication to helping students achieve their educational goals.  That dedication to helping students has been the driving force behind efforts to reduce the cost of textbooks.  Faculty, after being presented the challenge by administration, have worked diligently to reduce the cost associated with text books by over $100,000 for the student body.

As faculty have reviewed the required textbook for a class they have done so using two key factors: quality of material and cost for students.  By being very selective when adopting the required textbook, faculty have made 11 recent changes in textbooks adoptions eliminating $1215 in textbook costs for those courses.

UACCH Vice-Chancellor for Academics, Jennifer Methvin said the following regarding the announcement of textbook cost savings for 11 courses, “Over the last decade, the costs of textbooks have dramatically increased, much faster than the rate of inflation and even health care costs.  We don’t want the purchase of instructional materials to be a barrier for students.  Our faculty have always been very careful about monitoring textbook costs, but in November, they began in earnest to learn about alternative ways to provide instructional materials at a savings for our students without decreasing the quality of instruction.  They have done remarkable work in this short time, and they have only just begun.”

UACCH is currently enrolling students for Summer I, Summer II, and Fall Semesters.