UACCH Dunking for A CURE!

Win a chance to dunk one of Hempstead County’s Local Celebrities and help us win the fight against cancer!

Each Celebrity will be raffled off and five lucky people per celebrity will be drawn. 

All persons drawn will have a chance to dunk the celebrity they choose on their ticket. 


Tickets will be sold at each celebrity’s place of employment, uacch enrollment office, and/or tickets can be purchased by contacting any of the listed UACCH employees:  Judy Anderson, Misty Hughes, Jannie Moten, Leigh Quillin   

***************Ticket winners will be drawn and contacted on April 25th********************



Hope High School Assistant Principal** Pam Kessell**

Hope Mayor** Dennis Ramsay**

UACCH A&P/Science Instructor**John Hopkins**

Judge**Randy Wright**

UACCH Vice-Chancellor**Jennifer Methvin**

State Representative Candidate** Brent Talley*

Spring Hill School Principal**Angie Raney**

UACCH College Algebra/Math Instructor**Sherri Hart**

Blevins High School Assistant Principal**Coach Kelton**

Police Chief**J.R. Wilson**

UACCH Chancellor**Chris Thomason**


****************** Dunking Booth will be open from 6:30—10:30 p.m. ************************