The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Career Pathways Program recently held a retirement celebration for program director,- Dr. Claudia Griffin.  Dr. Griffin has been at the helm of the program since its creation in 2007 and has assisted over 1561 students over the past 6 years.

The Career Pathway’s Program is for parents with children under the age of 21 in the home. At UACCH, the program has provided qualifying students with over 10,000 books and equipment such as calculators, tape recorders, dissecting kits, and label makers to share and use.  Dr. Claudia Griffin’s leadership is credited for the concept of buying books and equipment, loaning them out over and over- and thereby allowing grant funds to provide more opportunities to more students. The program has become a model across the state.

Dr. Griffin is looking forward to traveling and spending time with family and friends. Please help UACCH thank her for her years of service.

Pictured: left to right Dr. Claudia Griffin and husband, James Griffin