The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce a great increase in Bridge Builders on the campus. Bridge Builders are faculty and staff who designate a portion of their paycheck to be donated to the UACCH Foundation. The College is pleased to have 82% faculty and staff participation during this year’s open season for employees to make changes to their payroll deductions.

Of the 119 employees at UACCH, 97 are enrolled as Bridge Builders. Payroll deductions range from $1 to $40 per pay period. In a year’s time these contributions will provide over $12,000 to the Foundation. Employee contributions to the Bridge Builders funded 5 scholarships that were awarded in the fall semester and are continuing into the spring semester. Each employee who participates in the Bridge Builder program at a certain level was provided a complementary red and white umbrella from the UACCH Foundation. Many of these employees gathered this morning to receive their umbrellas and take part in a group photograph.

Chancellor Chris Thomason said, “I have said many times that the success of UACCH is not due solely to the brick and mortar on campus but to the dedicated faculty and staff that invest countless hours and, in this case, a portion of their own paycheck to helping our students succeed. It is this kind of student-focused approach that makes UACCH a great place to pursue an education.”

The College greatly appreciates all the support it receives from the community and looks forward to continuing to work together with the community as well as faculty and staff to assure that more people have the opportunity to build their bridge to a greater future through a higher education.