Pictured: Dr. LaDell Douglas (right) along with UAHT Chancellor Chris Thomason presents Ragina Johnson with the Quality Care Pediatrics Scholarship.

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Foundation awarded 106 scholarships to 95 students at the Fall Foundation Scholarship Ceremony. The total dollar amount of these scholarships exceeded $48,500. “The UAHT Foundation is fortunate to have donors that believe in the students they support and that they can ultimately make a difference in the lives of others in our communities,” said Anna Powell, Executive Director of the Foundation. “We cannot extend enough gratitude to these donors for everything they do to improve the educational journey for so many of our students.”

“Ten years ago we awarded just 28 scholarships,” said Chris Thomason, UAHT Chancellor. “The increase in the number and dollar amount of scholarships that our Foundation is offering students now is a testament to the generosity of our donors and the strong belief they have in this institution to provide our students with the best education available.”

“The increase in scholarship support has also supported historic enrollment numbers and graduation rates for UAHT students over the last five years,” said Thomason. The College welcomed 1,563 students, the largest enrollment in the 53-year history of the institution, to the Hope and Texarkana Campuses this semester. The college has experienced a steady rise in enrollment over the past five years with an increase of 15% from fall 2014.

Additionally, the number of unduplicated graduates at UAHT has risen each year over the past five years, and the total number of graduates has increased by 69% from 2014. The total number of degrees and certificates awarded have also risen with a 52% increase from 2014. “The success of our students has elevated our campus to being a top performer under the outcomes-based funding model in Arkansas,” said Thomason. According to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, UAHT has increased from number six among the twenty-two Arkansas two-year colleges in the funding based formula last year to number two among all two-year colleges in the state this year.

For more information about UAHT Foundation Scholarships, contact Anna Powell at 870-722-8516 or anna.powell@uacch.edu.