Each year the University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana honors an outstanding faculty member. UAHT is proud to announce that this year’s winner is Mr. Randy Sanders.

Randy Sanders has given thirty-four years of dedication to UAHT. In his time at the college, he has served and excelled as a full-time instructor and Dean of the Technical and Industrial Professions division. Mr. Sanders has been responsible for the growth and success of the T&I division for many years and has worked hard to bring to light the importance of career and technical education. “He has been a friend to many people he has worked with as well as a voice of reason and a source of wisdom for everyone at the College. His commitment to and love for UAHT is unparalleled; one would be hard pressed to find someone more deserving of this honor than Randy Sanders,” according to letter of nomination.

Please join UAHT in thanking Mr. Randy Sanders for his many years of dedicated service to the University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana.

Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year Randy Sanders

Pictured:  Randy Sanders, Dean of Technical and Industrial Professions at UAHT (right) receives the 2016 Outstanding Faculty Member Award from UAHT Instructor Larry Shaw.