Hempstead Hall on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Hope is seeking volunteers who would like to assist with programs at the theater and conference center.  The Volunteer Program is a pilot program that is being developed by Hempstead Hall Assistant Director Brad Rogers.

Rogers explained, “Hempstead Hall has hosted over 40,000 guests this year.  As I looked at the number of guests and the variety of events we are hosting it became evident that individuals from the community might like to volunteer to assist with our hosting these guests.  We are in the “people business” here at Hempstead Hall and we want each of our guest to have a proper Hope/Hempstead County welcome and enjoy their visit.  A group of trained volunteers would certainly help the facility serve our guests while giving a volunteer a great way to give back to their community through the service.”

A volunteer registration form is available online at Hempsteadhall.com and anyone interested in serving at Hempstead Hall is invited to complete the application by August 31.  There are specific jobs that the volunteers will be trained to perform which will include box office worker, usher, stage technician, and facility greeter to name a few.  The volunteers, once trained, will be added to a contact list and will be informed of opportunities to help as events are booked at Hempstead Hall.  The volunteers will be able to schedule the times they are available and a rewards program will be setup in appreciation of a job well done.

For more information or to apply for the Hempstead Hall Volunteer program, visit the HH website at www.hempsteadhall.com.