This week the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope held a multi-casualty training simulation in the Student Center.  The simulation gave the students real world experience in a catastrophic natural disaster event. The students from the UA Hope paramedic, practical nursing, and funeral service programs were all involved and had hands-on role in the event. The students were evaluated on their performance without intervention from program staff.

The multi-casualty training simulation gave the students an opportunity to have hands-on experience in a chaotic situation yet a controlled environment.  They also got to see first-hand how all professions work together, especially in the time of crisis. – Monica Knight, Funeral Service Program Faculty

The U of A Hope Nursing faculty were pleased with the students work during the simulation and said it was an exciting experience to see the teamwork and communication among the disciplines. It also offered the faculty a chance to see areas that need improvement, especially in the communication across healthcare disciplines. The students were placed in a very stressful environment and the experience allowed the student to use critical thinking and interaction without guidance from their instructors.  Emma Bissell, LPN Faculty member said, “As a faculty member, the excitement seen from the students makes me feel like I am providing them an education that is not only helpful to pass boards but also keeps them excited about their career choice.”

The training scenario utilized the College’s Simulation Manikins to provide real life medical scenarios for the students to diagnose and treat.  The Sim-Man Technology allows the instructors to manipulate the vital signs of the manikin to simulate different medical conditions.  The use of this technology allowed the students to be tested on their response to several different medical emergencies.  The training simulation also contained simulated fatalities to allow the Funeral Service students the experience of responding to a disaster.