The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is excited about the “Fine Arts Night” scheduled for March 9 and 10at the Johnny Rapert Auditorium. 

The event, “Fine Arts Night” or “FAN,” at UACCH will begin with a silent auction art show featuring art by UACCH students, faculty and staff; followed by a brief musical program by UACCH Idol finalists Mary Roach, Donald Turner, and Rachel Parson; then a poetry reading by UACCH students.  Both evenings will culminate with the play, “The Apple,” by Jimmy Brunelle. The Fine Arts Club is currently rehearsing and planning for the evenings. Tickets are $4 for students and $5 for others and may be purchased at the college or at the door. 

Dr. Dan Ford will be directing the one-act play “The Apple” by Jimmy Brunelle.  The one-act is a zany satire set in an art museum. When the curtain opens, a custodian is speaking to an imaginary audience about her prowess as an artist. “Someday,” she says, “the art I produce will exceed these paintings and sculptures you see displayed here. I just have not found my medium yet.” Her monologue is interrupted by a nervous young man who breezes through the museum saying, “Hey, gotta pen? Need a pen. Gimme a pen.” The exchange between those two ends when an announcement comes on the speaker calling for a clean-up in another part of the museum. This comes just as the custodian is about to take a bite from a large red apple. But she does not have time to continue, so she puts the fruit down on a sculpture display pedestal to save it for later. 

When she exits, the art critics enter and begin to evaluate the apple as if it were a piece of art and the satire is underway. During the half-hour or so it takes for the drama to unfold, there is truly funny dialogue and action that leave the audience considering the true nature of art. Is anyone’s interpretation of art valid? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Does art cause action or mere aesthetic contemplation? These profound questions are treated with downright quirkiness in the play, so that the audience is not only entertained but somewhat enlightened by the questions about art that are answered only in the minds of the spectators.

There are some truly talented actors involved with the play. UACCH’s John Hollis will be playing the role of “Elvis” and he will be the delight of the evenings with his spontaneous song to the apple and his inane rap song he creates to remain relevant in popular culture.

For more information about this outstanding family evening at UACCH or to buy your tickets, contact Lisa Pennington at 870-703-1266. 


PICTURED Left to Right: “The Apple” Cast and production support volunteers.  Front row: Rosemary Paredes, Paige Martin, Nia Glover, Susan Honores, Lawrence Adetunji, and John Hollis.  Second Row:  Josh Williams, Eric Turner, Rose Adetunji, Donna Yeldell, Lisa Rhodes. Third Row: Cheldon Gray, Wesley Cowan, Aaron “AC” Charles, and Dr. Dan Ford.