Blackboard Login Instructions

Click on the Blackboard link above. You will be asked for a USER ID and PASSWORD. Your User ID is your first initial followed by your last name followed by the last four digits of your UAHT student ID number (not your social security number). Your password is your birthday, two digits for the month, two digits for the day, and four digits for the year. Use no punctuation or spaces in either of these. Example: John Smith (student ID of 123006789 and birthdate of March 1, 1987).

User ID: jsmith6789
Password: 03011987

Students will not be able to log on to their online classes until the first day of classes. Check the online academic calendar listed below for the current semester dates.

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Download Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based version of Microsoft products that is free for students. Before you begin the registration process, verify that you can access your student email address. You must use your student email address to register for Microsoft 365. In the registration process, you will receive a verification code to your student email to verify that you are attending the college.

NOTE: Microsoft 365 is a web-based product. Once you activate your account, you can only access the Microsoft products by logging in online at Most laptops and desktop computers come loaded with Microsoft applications. You will NOT be able to use your Microsoft 365 login credentials to access your desktop applications. Your work will be stored in the Microsoft OneDrive cloud services. A quick YouTube search offers many tutorials on Microsoft 365 and how to use the apps.

Download Respondus

Click to access the Respondus Student Instructions.

  • Read carefully as different instructions are required based on the type of laptop/computer you are using.

Click to access the UAHT Academic Honesty Respondus Testing Policy.

  • Students are responsible for knowing the testing guidelines and how to prevent losing points on exams. Note: Students must take a photo, show an ID, and perform a full environment check for each exam.