University of Arkansas System President Dr. Donald R. Bobbitt today announced appointments for a new system-wide task force that will consider issues around racial equity at the campuses, divisions, and units within the UA System. Among those appointed to the task force is Dr. Christopher Smith, University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Dean of Students.

“I am greatly humbled to be appointed to the UA System Taskforce on Racial Equity by Dr. Bobbitt. Serving on this taskforce grants me the opportunity to work with the UA System’s unparalleled leadership in its continued effort to advance UAHT and this great state culturally,” Smith said.

The UA System Task Force on Racial Equity is the result of a proposal made by John Goodson, chair of the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas, at a special meeting of the board on June 17, when he announced plans to appoint a task force to address racial injustice and promote equitable practices within the System. Goodson identified UA Trustee Stephen Broughton, M.D., to chair the task force, and fellow Trustee Ted Dickey to represent the Board, while setting expectations for the task force to make recommendations regarding policies, procedures, and activities to help ensure the UA System and its campuses, divisions and units across the state promote an atmosphere that is “welcoming and attuned to the cultural and educational needs of all Arkansans,” Goodson said.

Bobbitt said the task force is a welcomed addition to many efforts already underway at the system’s campuses, divisions, and units to address issues of racial equity. “There is an expectation from my office and the Board of Trustees that faculty, students, staff and visitors to our campuses should all be treated with respect and presented with an equitable environment to pursue their educational and scholarly goals,” Bobbitt said. “This is a well-respected and accomplished group, and I look forward to the UA System benefitting from its work immediately and well into the future.”

The UA System Task Force on Racial Equity includes:

Committee Member

UA System Affiliation

Dr. Stephen Broughton 

UA System Trustee, Committee Chair 

Mr. Ted Dickey 

UA System Trustee 

Dr. Robert Carr   

Provost, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 

Dr. Mark Cochran   

Vice President, UA System Division of Agriculture

Dr. Deacue Fields  

Dean, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 

Mr. Marvin Caston  

Senior Director of Development, Razorback Foundation, Inc. 

Dr. Moses Goldman 

Vice Chancellor, University of Arkansas at Monticello 

Dr. Georgia Hale 

Provost, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith

Dr. Keith Pinchback 

Chancellor, Phillips Community College of the University of Arkansas 

Dr. Terisa Riley 

Chancellor, University of Arkansas at Fort Smith

Dr. Charles Robinson 

Provost, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville 

Dr. Christopher Smith  

Dean, University of Arkansas Community College at Hope-Texarkana 

Ms. Kristi Smith 

Director, UA Little Rock Alumni Association

Ms. Christina Clark 

Vice Chancellor/COO, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Dr. Christopher Smith
Dr. Christopher Smith, U of A Hope-Texarkana Dean of Students