The Federal Work Study program is a campus-based program that provides part-time employment for students who have financial need. Eligible students may work up to 15 hours per week while enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours. The amount a student can earn in a year is determined by financial need and other aid awarded. Payment every two weeks.

The Federal Work Study program is specifically designed for college students. The work schedules revolve around your school schedule. The jobs available are located primarily on campus, which allows you to work between classes without having to commute. It is also possible to get a job in an area related to your field of study, giving much needed working experience and valuable references. The best benefit of all is that the amount earned does not count against you on next year’s FAFSA!

At the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope, students submitting the FAFSA by the July 15 priority date, who show need, are eligible for work study funding. You are not eligible for work study funding if:

  1. You did not apply by deadline.
  2. You are not making satisfactory academic progress.
  3. You show no unmet need.
  4. We have exhausted our work study funds and have no more money to award to students. In this case, you may ask to be put on a waiting list in case more funds become available.

Students are hired in Work Study positions by going through employment interviews with work study supervisors.