Applications for financial aid for summer school must be completed by June 15. To be eligible for summer aid you must have attended UACCH the previous semester or plan to attend the immediately following fall semester. Students who attend summer school only are not eligible for student aid. To receive financial aid you must be pursuing a certificate or degree at UACCH.

The summer mini-sessions are considered a part of the preceding academic year. The summer mini-sessions are combined and the total hours of enrollment from all summer sessions are used to calculate the student’s eligibility for summer aid.

Students who have not used all of their eligibility during the preceding academic year may have remaining eligibility for summer aid. These would be students who have not been enrolled full-time during both the fall and spring semesters.

Year-Round-PELL is for degree seeking students that:

  • Has received 100 percent of the first Scheduled Award.
  • Is enrolled at least half time (classes within degree plan) for the term in which a second (classes within degree plan), Scheduled Award would be paid.
  • Is otherwise Pell Grant-eligible

All credit hours a student enrolls in during the summer mini-sessions are combined to determine the enrollment status for financial aid purposes. For example, enrollment of 3 credit hours in Summer I is combined with the enrollment of 6 credit hours in Summer II, for a total of 9 credit hours and an enrollment status of three-quarter time.