Student Rights

Student financial aid at UACCH is awarded on the basis of a uniform method of determining need and in accordance with federal rules, regulations, and laws governing the financial aid programs. We give each student equal and individual treatment in determining eligibility. You are encouraged to contact the Financial Aid Office with any questions about eligibility determination.

Reporting Changes & Resolving Overawards

If your residency, enrollment, or housing plans change, your aid eligibility may be affected. If you receive any educational funding, such as Veterans’ Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation, and/or Workforce Investment Act or if you are awarded a scholarship, grant, or stipend, you must report this information to the Financial Aid Office in writing as soon as possible. A Financial Aid staff member will re-evaluate your eligibility. If you are no longer eligible for part of the aid you have been offered, we will work with you to resolve any overaward as painlessly as possible. If it is necessary that you repay a portion of your financial aid, you will have to repay it before you are eligible for further aid.

If a student fails to attend any classes after receiving state and/or federal aid, he/she owes all of the aid received and applied against tuition and fees back to the college. By not attending any classes the student was never eligible for the aid. The consequences include but are not limited to “freezing” of academic transcripts and inability to register for future classes.

Financial Aid Responsibility

The Financial Aid staff is responsible for processing your aid application and administering your award in a timely manner. You have the right to expect equitable treatment in the consideration of your application for financial aid and employment assistance. Each student’s file is evaluated on an individual basis and financial aid is awarded consistent with eligibility and packaging guidelines. The Financial Aid Staff reviews files in the order they are completed. Students who provide information to complete their files during peak business times (July, August, & September) may experience a substantial delay due to the high volume of files being processed. If you apply or complete your file late, please be prepared to pay with your own funds until your file is reviewed and awarded.