Follow these steps to ensure prompt delivery of your financial aid:

  • Complete the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA). The priority filing   date is April 1 for state assistance and July 15 for federal and institutional assistance. Awards made on FAFSAs submitted after these dates will be subject to available funds. You can file the FAFSA electronically at
  • First time students must apply for admission to the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope.
  • Check over your SAR for possible errors when it is received from the Federal Processor. If there are any errors please contact the UACCH Financial Aid Office. 
  • Read and respond to all correspondence from the Financial Aid Office.   If you are selected for the verification process you will be notified to submit tax documents and additional information to the UACCH Financial Aid Office.  An award cannot be made until these documents are received and reviewed.
  • After your financial aid file is complete you will receive an Award Letter, which will list the aid you are eligible to receive.
  • Follow directions on the award letter to accept/decline any/all awarded financial aid.
  • Keep us informed of any changes in your status, such as changes in your enrollment status (full time to part time, etc.), any scholarships you may receive that you have not told us about, and changes to your address.  To ensure as few delays as possible, let us know about anything you think may be relevant to your aid status.
  • By following these steps, you can help us ensure prompt delivery of your financial aid.  Problems may arise during the course of the financial aid process, but by keeping informed of what is happening and what is expected of you, you can minimize possible delays.