Academic Year:

The academic year is comprised of first and second semesters and the summer session (fall, spring, summer).


A student who has been denied financial assistance because of failure to maintain satisfactory progress may appeal in writing to the Financial Aid Appeals Committee. Current federal regulations require that students must maintain satisfactory academic progress to receive financial aid. However, under certain limited circumstances it may be possible for the committee to make a professional judgment and to certify that a student who was unable to complete the credit load or GPA requirements because of circumstances beyond his/her control is making satisfactory academic progress.

Enrollment Status:

Students receive financial aid based on semester credit hour loads.

  • A student enrolled for 6-8 semester credit hours (half-time student).
  • A student enrolled for 9-11 semester credit hours (three-quarter student).
  • A student enrolled for 12 or more semester credit hours (full-time student).

Part-time students with 6 or more credits will be considered for reduced financial aid packages. Pell recipients receive 75% if enrolled as a three-quarter student, 50% if enrolled as a half-time student. Other aid may be reduced or eliminated.


An incomplete course is one for which no credits were earned. It is construed as an “F” until a positive letter grade is recorded with the Registrar.

Independent Study:

Students will not be funded by financial aid.

Non-Degree Students (Undeclared Majors):

A non-degree student is, by definition, not considered to be in a course of study and is, therefore, not eligible for financial aid through the UACCH Financial Aid Office. Financial assistance may be given to students who are in the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, or Technical Certificate degree programs.

Non-Financial Aid Recipients:

By law, students who have not received financial aid in the past but who intend to apply for financial aid must also maintain satisfactory academic progress.


Students receiving Title IV financial assistance will be subject to both the Institutional Refund Policy and the “Return of Title IV Funds”. (See Financial Aid Refund Policy and Refund of Title IV Student Financial Aid in College catalog).


A student whose financial assistance has been canceled for failure to make satisfactory progress may: 1) petition the Financial Aid Appeals Committee in writing for reinstatement of financial assistance; or 2) pay one semester with own resources and make satisfactory progress per Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Remedial Courses:

Students may include as part of their minimum credit load remedial courses which do not apply toward graduation requirements.

Repeated Courses:

Repeated courses for financial aid purposes are courses that have been previously attempted. Students may use Title IV funds to repeat a course only when they have received grades of “D” or “F” in the course.

School year:

Two semesters plus summer session of the academic year constitutes the school year (fall, spring, summer). For financial aid purposes, the summer session concludes the school year.


A student who transfers to UACCH and who was not eligible to receive financial assistance at a prior institution as a result of his/her failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress at that institution shall be on immediate financial aid probation at UACCH.


Some students will be required to submit tax returns and other documents to verify the information on their applications. If you are selected you will be advised as to the documentation required. Failure to provide requested documentation will stop further processing.


Students who withdraw from UACCH or otherwise earn no credits for a semester will be placed on exclusion and shall have their financial assistance canceled, subject to the reinstatement provisions listed in the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.