Purtle Advising Center

The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana recently opened the new Purtle Advising Center (PAC) located in the Student Center on the Hope campus. The PAC will operate under the “Strengthening UAHT by Improving Retention” Title III Grant.

The advising center, constructed in the area formerly known as the Purtle Meeting Rooms, is named in honor of longtime supporters of the college Carolyn and Ned Ray Purtle. The new name will continue to honor their substantial support to the college and its mission. Ned Ray Purtle, a lifetime resident of southwest Arkansas, has served on the U of A Hope-Texarkana Board of Visitors since November of 2001. He currently serves as Trustee Emeritus for the University of Arkansas System Board. Purtle also serves on the U of A Hope-Texarkana Foundation Board where his energy and effort have been critical to the success of the Foundation. Additionally, he and Carolyn have generously endowed scholarships that are awarded to students each semester, enabling numerous students to complete their degrees.

The PAC is currently staffed with Misty Hughes, Director of Advising & Title III Activity Director and Aimee Hooker, Transfer Advising Coach. As the five-year grant progresses, the PAC will add three additional advising coaches including a Health Professions Advising Coach, Personal Intervention Advising Coach, and a Career Advising Coach. Future projects under the Title III Grant include extending the PAC advising program to the U of A Texarkana Campus, establishing a supplemental instruction program on both campuses, and upgrading technology to support retention.

“This new, state-of-the-art advising center will offer our students direct progression and graduation support in an easy access and informative environment. The advising center will take a comprehensive approach dedicated solely to student success. It is most appropriate that Carolyn and Ned Ray Purtle will always be associated with the center. The Purtles have always supported our institution and the UA System in numerous ways with limitless generosity. But, their focus, no matter the avenue or form of support, has always been on individual students being successful in accomplishing their educational dreams. The UAHT Advising Center will not only carry their names, but it will always embody their commitment to supporting attainment of educational accomplishment one student at a time,” said Chancellor Chris Thomason.

To learn more about the Purtle Advising Center, visit http://www.uaht.edu/current-students/purtle-advising-center/.

For more information, call Misty Hughes, Director of Advising, at 870-722-8123.