The University of Arkansas at Texarkana is offering new programs in Power Plant Technology. The new programs at UofA Texarkana beginning this fall include a Technical Certificate in Power Plant Operations, a Technical Certificate in Power Plant Technology, and a Certificate of Proficiency in Power Plant Technology. Once a student has completed a technical certificate, they may complete an Associate of Applied Science degree in Power Plant Technology at the Hope campus.

The addition of all three programs allows for the incremental Certificate of Proficiency to Technical Certificate to Associate of Applied Science degree, which permits students to gain credentials along their educational path while reducing the time it takes to earn a degree, allowing students to enter the workforce in less time. All courses required for these degrees will be offered in the evenings to accommodate the busy schedule of working students.

Many employers have expressed a need for a workforce with a deeper understanding of the processes that produce steam and electricity but do not necessarily need their employees to possess an Associate’s Degree. Basic knowledge and skills in this area are sufficient for these employers to allow new employees to enter the workforce. The demand for an entry-level workforce has resulted in the development of the new Power Plant degrees at UofA Texarkana.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, the 2015 median pay for power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers was $36.38 per hour.

Fall 2016 Power Plant Technology Courses at UofA Texarkana

PWRO 1213    Intro to Power Plant Operations                      Bailey  M W    0730PM           0850PM            TKP108

PWRO 1223    Concepts of Process Monitoring                     Bailey  T R      0600PM           0720PM            TKP108

PWRO 1233    Concepts/Practices of Coal Handling            Bailey  T R      0730PM           0850PM           TKP108

PWRT  1003    Fundamentals of Modern Power Plants         Bailey  M W    0600PM           0720PM            TKP108

ELEC   1104    Basic Electricity                                                   Staff    T R      0600PM           0845PM           TKP103

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