As the school year progresses many parents, who are assisting their “soon to graduate” high school students with College registration may be ready for some assistance with the process.  That is one of the reasons why UACCH has scheduled Parent Night for March 4th.  Parent Night is a great time for students and their parents to attend an informative, relaxed meeting to get assistance with the enrolling process.

Participants will learn about:

  • What to expect the first year at college
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarships
  • Things that may surprise you about UACCH—SSS, Library, Career Pathways, Online class availability, online orientation, faculty  & staff connected to the community, safety concerns (including ENS, campus substation with full time security, video cameras, and call buttons), webber, MyUACCH, Transfer Day—
  • Break out by department/campus tours

UACCH Parent Night will be held on Tuesday, March 4th from 5:30 until 7:30 p.m.  in Hempstead Hall.  If you or someone you know are interested in enrolling, come out and let our enrollment specialist walk you through the process and help resolve any concerns. For more information, please call 870-722-8228.