Amanda Maggio

Each year the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana honors an outstanding faculty member. UAHT is proud to announce that this year’s winner is Amanda Ritter-Maggio.

Maggio has served the college since 2013 as an English instructor. She also serves as an advisor for the Fine Arts Club and Phi Theta Kappa. Amanda volunteers her time to work as the Applied Music Coordinator on campus and as faculty liaison in the concurrent credit program. According to her nomination letter, “Amanda is a sought-after instructor on campus, and she is a model for how liaisons should mentor and support our high school concurrent instructors.”

She is hailed as “the best colleague an academic could ask for,” according to the letter. “Amanda is serving her second term as the Faculty Senate Secretary, and has been elected to serve as the next Faculty Senate Vice President.”

“Amanda also sought to enlighten the day of any students or faculty that graced the ladies’ restroom in the Distance Learning building, anonymously posting inspirational messages for students to read,” the letter continued. “We know that it changed at least one student’s perception of the situation they found themselves facing for the better. Even if it was just the one student, which I doubt, she impacted a student’s collegiate career and life with a simple gesture. She wasn’t prompted, and she didn’t seek credit. We should all aspire to her attitude and actions.”

Please join the UAHT family in thanking Amanda Ritter-Maggio for his dedication to serving students at the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana.