The University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana is offering a revised class schedule for technical and industrial courses beginning in the spring 2023 semester. To better accommodate students, the college is offering more classes one, two, and three days per week rather than the traditional five days per week. UAHT is also offering some technical and industrial courses online and welding courses on the Texarkana campus this spring.

“We understand that many people cannot quit their jobs or get enough hours at work going to school five days a week,” said Jennifer Teresa, Dean of Technical and Industrial Programs at UAHT. “The technical and industrial division at the college has worked closely with current and potential students to create a schedule that will hopefully better suit their needs. This schedule will allow students to come to the college less frequently, allowing them to work more while attending school. There are many great, high-paying jobs that our programs equip students to attain. We want to help them in any way we can to get the credentials for those jobs.”

Spring registration is underway now. To register, call 870-777-5722 today. For a class schedule, visit