In 2007, the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana (then the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope) established the UAHT Kids’ College program. That same year, the UAHT Foundation, along with a local committee of ladies from the community, began raising funds for the program with the first annual Beads, Bags, and Bangles (BBB) Bazaar. Now, fifteen years later, the “BBB Committee” is proud to announce the establishment of a $200,000 Kids’ College Endowment. “It’s been a privilege for me to be a member of the BBB committee since its first fundraiser many years ago,” said Deborah Malek, Founding BBB Committee member. “Because of our community’s enthusiastic response to our BBB fundraising event each year, we are able to give this lasting gift to the UAHT Foundation to continue enriching the lives of students through education for many years to come.”

Since its inception fifteen years ago, Kids’ College has served over 10,000 students and has grown to offer other programs, including Camp-Save-A-Life, Engineering and Manufacturing Camp of Creativity, Junior Ranger Summer Camp, and Safe Sitter. “Kids’ College is a great opportunity for kids to explore new horizons, try new things, and make new friends,” said Kim Hollis, Founding BBB Committee member. “Starting early is a wonderful way for kids to realize how important college is, and there is no greater way of demonstrating respect for students’ curiosities in college than endowing scholarships toward their interests. I am very proud to have been a part of fundraising efforts over the years to benefit students along with the other many ways UAHT brings value to the community.”

“As a former director of Kids’ College, I know first-hand how wonderful these programs are and how impactful they are on introducing students to education,” said Anna Powell, UAHT Executive Director of Institutional Advancement. “Many students we have served over the years would never be introduced to a college campus if not for Kids’ College. These programs help open students’ eyes to the fact that college is attainable for them and will improve their lives. I want to thank all of the ladies who have served on the BBB Committee over the years and the former UAHT Foundation directors, including Stacy Keith, Dolly Henley, and Jill Bobo, for making this program possible for the thousands of students who have attended over the years. Without them, none of this would be possible.”

BBB Committee members since 2007 have included:

  • Jamie Pafford Gresham
  • Allison Wilson
  • Betty Jo Hayes
  • Bitsy Carter
  • Charlotte Bradley
  • Christi Whitlock
  • Deborah Malek
  • Lindsey Townsend
  • Suzie Barham
  • Jennifer Tyree
  • Kathy Struckman
  • Kim Hollis
  • Lindy Franks
  • Penny Thomason
  • Mikki Curtis
  • Allison Sitzes
  • Tonja Hayes
  • Amanda Lance
  • Laura Clark
  • Anna Lee Powell
  • Megan Cox
  • Samantha Gummeson
  • Laurie Pinner
  • Robyn Carter
  • Mendy Wright
  • Mandy Welch
  • Jennifer Methvin
  • Jill Bobo
  • Dolly Henley
  • Stacy Keith
  • The Late Bonnie Routon

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Kids College Endowment
Pictured left to right: Anna Powell, Dr. Christine Holt, Laurie Pinner, Mikki Curtis, Allison Wilson, Kim Hollis, Suzie Barham