The University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana (UAHT) takes pride in the fact that there are many opportunities to complement classroom learning and expand personal interest.

The intramural program is designed to provide students, faculty and staff an opportunity to participate in athletic recreational activities in a fun and safe environment.  At UAHT, intramural sports promote physical fitness, social interaction, and campus involvement. Participation will provide the following opportunities:

  • Provides enjoyable recreational experiences for the college’s community.
  • Develops practices of participation that will transition into one’s daily interactions.
  • Promotes genuine social relationships and sportsmanship through group activities.
  • Supports an opportunity for the development of a healthy body and mind.

UAHT offers intramural sports in the fall and spring semesters for all eligible students. Join a team to connect with other Iron Horses, hone your skills at a sport or two and have some fun!

We offer organized team sports which include: flag football, basketball, and any other sports of interest.

For more information, contact the Office of Student Services.