The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Foundation is pleased to announce that it has received a $1,000 grant from the Hope Walmart Store #1065 for the Kid’s College Summer Enrichment program.  Richard McKim, Walmart Store Manager, came to the College this week to award the scholarship funds to the UACCH Foundation.  McKim stated during his visit to UACCH that he was pleased that Walmart is striving hard to fulfill its community’s needs.  The UACCH Foundation received the grant through the Local Community Contribution Grant program.

The funds will be used to purchase supplemental basic teacher and classroom supplies needed for Kids’ College, which will begin later this month on the UACCH campus.  For more information about UACCH, visit our college website at

Pictured Left to right: UACCH Chancellor, Chris Thomason; Kids’ College Director, Nancy Kenworthy; and WalMart#1065 Store Manager, Richard McKim