Forty-eight high school seniors from twelve area school districts participated in ACT Prep workshops on Saturday, November 12th, and Saturday, December 2nd, at the UofA Hope campus.  Students were able to attend two-hour sessions on the English, Reading, Math, and Science portions of the ACT test in preparation for the December 10th exam.

As stated in the 2015-16 ACT Profile Report, only 14% of Arkansas students taking the ACT met the benchmark scores in all four areas.  According to Dr. Ashli Dykes, UAHT Concurrent Credit Coordinator, “Not meeting benchmark scores can cost students extra time and money in college since it often means that students have to complete remedial classes before they can take college-level courses.  The goal of this workshop was to provide an intense, focused review of the skills and tips needed to improve student scores in the hopes of helping students not only reach the benchmark scores but also earn more in scholarship funds.”

Four-day summer workshops for 8-11th graders will be provided on both the UofA Hope and UofA Texarkana campuses prior to the June 10th ACT.  Limited scholarships will be available.  More information will be provided in early 2017.  For more information about ACT prep workshops or concurrent credit at UAHT call 870-722-8267.

Pictured: Area high school seniors participate in ACT prep workshop at UofA Hope.