“After graduating high school, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in, so I decided to stay close to home and attend UACCH. It turned out to be a great decision! The teachers here are very friendly and the education I am receiving here is preparing me for a 4-year university. The time I’ve spent at UACCH has allowed me the time to decide what I want to major in and at the same time work on my basic education courses that will transfer to a 4-year university.” – Andria Nance
“The affordability of UACCH made it impossible for me to say no to college. The financial aid and scholarships available make it possible for almost anyone to receive a college education here.” – Justin McKillion
“Choosing to attend a community college has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope offers many great programs that help their students succeed. Programs such as career pathways, TRiO, and Student Support Services create an avenue for students to receive support in reaching their goals. UACCH also offers flexible scheduling, helpful instructors and scholarships that help make going to college for single parents such as myself possible. I can’t imagine starting my college career anywhere else!” – Jazmin Martinez
“While still in high school, I heard a lot of positive things about UACCH from friends who had already attended here. Once I arrived on campus, I knew I had made the right choice. The classes here are just the right size. They are small enough that I can actually interact with my instructors. All of my instructors are easy to talk to and the other students I’ve met at UACCH have great attitudes. My first semester at UACCH, I took EDGE class. EDGE class was the most fun and interesting class I’ve ever taken. My teacher, Mrs. Shupe, was very creative and taught us a lot about real life scenarios. I would recommend anyone to attend UACCH because they care for you, yet still treat you as an adult.” – Naketsha Foster  
“I looked at several area schools and found that UACCH was the most affordable. I came here planning to study electricity and ended up completing the heating, air conditioning, and ventilation program as well. I really enjoy the community here and have made a lot of new friends. My teachers at UACCH are very helpful in the classroom and help their students find employment at good companies.” – Mario Zuniga
“After graduating high school I wanted to go to college away from home. That was before I checked out UACCH! At UACCH, I receive the same quality education as a 4-year university at half the cost. The environment here is wonderful and the teachers support you every way they can. I have made many new friends here; I will never forget my time at UACCH.” – Talysa Lloyd (left)“UACCH offers many student organizations such as the Student Government Association, TRiO, and the African American Club. Joining these clubs helped me meet new friends and offered me valuable resources to help me succeed academically. UACCH offers a class called EDGE. My EDGE teacher was so much fun. She prepared me for the real world by teaching about real life situations and how to handle them in a professional manner. I definitely made the right choice by coming to UACCH.” – Cajua Johnson (right)  
“I am glad to have chosen a career in a field that truly makes a difference. Being an elementary teacher gives me the opportunity to impact 22 to 26 lives everyday. UACCH now offers an exciting opportunity for students to earn their bachelor’s in elementary education right here on the Hope campus. If you truly want to leave your mark on the world, you can do it in the classroom!” – Chad Morris
“After losing someone dear to me in life, I decided the time was now to try to make a better life for me and my family. My mom attended Red River Technical College, which is now UACCH, and encouraged me to go back to school here. One of the first classes I took here was EDGE. EDGE taught me techniques on how to be a better student. This was very beneficial to me since I have been out of school for many years. Also, the tutoring I receive through TRiO Student Support Services is helping me achieve my dream of becoming a teacher. If you want to make a brighter future for yourself or your family, don’t wait, UACCH can help make your dream a reality!” – Shelby Henagan
“With the tough economic times our country is facing, the factory I was working for had to lay off several hundred workers. However, through a state dislocated workers program, this unfortunate circumstance allowed me to go back to college with very little personal expense. I quickly took advantage of this program and was glad I did. When I arrived at UACCH I found the teachers to be extremely friendly and helpful. They also encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. The quality education I received here has prepared me to transfer into the UAMS BSN program which is housed right here on the UACCH campus. Looking back, it seemed that losing a good job was somewhat the end of a road but in reality it was the beginning of a brighter future!” – Jeremy Killian
“I received the Valedictorian Scholarship to attend UACCH. Being valedictorian of my high school, I received scholarship offers from many 4-year universities. I chose to attend UACCH instead because I wanted to concentrate solely on my education and not have to deal with the distractions that occur at larger colleges. The campus at UACCH is beautiful and constantly growing, giving you the feel of a larger university. I am proud to have such a quality college this close to home!” – Jennifer Perry
“Choosing to attend UACCH has really been beneficial to me. I have never been great at taking tests and some of my test scores coming in weren’t so good. The advanced reading class I took here my first semester really helped me when I made the move to upper level classes. I also took EDGE, a freshman success class, which prepared me for real life scenario’s and helped me tremendously with my test anxiety! UACCH has many resources available on campus to help students. I joined the TRiO club which provided me a place to study, tutoring, and a computer to use since I don’t have one at home.” – John McCall
“The people and the encouragement they gave me to excel in the field of my choice is what I enjoyed about getting my education at UACCH. I feel lucky to work at A&B Welding, the people here are really good to work for. As a machinist, I make nearly double what I was making before going back to school at UACCH to be trained for this career. I would highly encourage others who are willing to work hard to consider a nontraditional career option.” – Cimarron Morris
“I chose UACCH because it was close to home and offered the program of study that I was interested in. After arriving at UACCH I found my instructors to be caring and willing to give me the extra attention I needed to succeed. The skills I am learning at UACCH are already helping me advance in my field. I have already been offered a raise by the company I work for after I graduate!” – Zech Melson (left)“The hands-on learning I receive at UACCH is really helping prepare me for a real world job. Employers know that when I have completed this program I have the skills it takes to go straight to work. I also enjoy the small class sizes at UACCH. The ability to interact with the instructor in a small class setting gives you advantages that a large class can’t. I have a lot of friends that attend UACCH as well which made the transition to college much easier.” – Dustin Curtis (right)  
“I chose to attend UACCH because I received an honors scholarship which paid for my entire tuition and fee costs. After arriving at UACCH I quickly realized that I had made a great decision. The teachers genuinely care about the students. They are friendly and take the time to work with you one-on-one to make sure you understand what is going on. I feel like my teachers here are really preparing me to become an even better student when I transfer to a 4-year university. All the courses I am taking here are fully transferable so I will have no problem making the transition to the university I choose to transfer to. Another reason I am happy that I chose UACCH is because of the wonderful friends I have made since I’ve been here. All of my fellow students are so nice and easy to talk to. It’s like my family away from home. I will never forget my time at UACCH!” – Jordan Burke
“I’ve had several friends who attended UACCH. After seeing them graduate here and go on to succeed at other universities, I knew this was the place for me. All of the classes I am taking here will transfer to UCA where I plan on majoring in physical therapy. And with the quality education I am getting at UACCH, I know I’ll be prepared once I get there!” – Lindsey Rose
“With a wide variety class times, online classes and hybrid classes, UACCH offers me the ability to plan college around my life instead of planning my life around college. At UACCH you don’t get lost in the crowd. The teachers are truly concerned about the student’s success and give you the extra attention you deserve!” – Cara Martin