At a recent University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Foundation Board meeting, Catherine Cook, president of the Friday Music Club, presented a proposal to donate to the UACCH Foundation the Friday Music Club’s historic Model B Steinway grand piano, along with a monetary gift of $5,367.39 to assist with restoration of the piano to a concert level instrument.  The club, which has announced its intent to dissolve its formal organization, needed a good caretaker for the piano, to keep it active in the community.  Hempstead Hall on the UACCH campus will provide a perfect environment to spotlight this classic instrument for future generations. 

The Steinway was purchased by the Friday Music Club in late 1945 or early 1946.  It was used for many years in the Hope High School auditorium for clubs and choral groups.  The piano was a key part of recitals and Friday Music Club programs at the HHS auditorium for many years.  In the 80’s the piano was moved from the auditorium and relocated to the Carrigan House.  The Steinway grand piano is in need of repair before it takes its place in Hempstead Hall, and the Arkansas authorized Steinway technician, Barry Bradshaw, owner of Bradshaw Piano in Conway has been contracted for the job.

The UACCH Foundation would like to thank the Friday Music Club members for entrusting this fabulous instrument to the Foundation for the education and performing needs of the community.  Catherine Cook, serving as President of the FMC, joined the UACCH Foundation members and UACCH Chancellor Chris Thomason for the signing of an acceptance agreement for the donation.    

Pictured Standing from Left to right: Steve Lance, Charlotte Bradley, Trevor Coffee, Deb Malek, Gary Salisbury, Bonnie Routon, Judy Davis, Phil McLarty, Freddie Smith, Bettie Jo Hays, and seated left to right, Chancellor Chris Thomason, Catherine Cook, Kathy Struckman.