The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope would like to announce that the UACCH Fine Arts Club has donated two pieces of art to be displayed on the College campus.  The two original pieces were painted by UACCH students Casey Franks and Cherry Stewart.  Both Franks and Stewart have been students in Mrs. Lisa Pennington’s painting class this semester. 

Chancellor Chris Thomason said, “The UACCH Fine Arts Club has been an overwhelming success in a short period of time because of the dedicated and innovative leadership of Ms. Pennington, Ms. Stripling, Ms. Clem, and Dr. McLarty. We are really pleased with the development of our arts program here at UACCH.  These talented students are really taking an active role on our campus and, I feel enriching all of our lives through the sharing of their talents.  I am pleased that we will now have some of our student’s original pieces on display here at UACCH.”