Fall 2011
Dates: Aug. 15-18
5-9 pm

Spring  2012
Dates: Jan. 3-6
5-9 pm


Before classes officially start, this class would meet for 4 hours for 4 days

  • Students armed with good study skills BEFORE school starts!
  • Students will be ahead of others in study skills, friends, and familiarity of the campus.
  • Allow students to take more hours during the regular semester.
  • Students will be familiar with both hybrid and online courses.

Week One Requirements

Day 1:
UACCH info. All labs are open and we could help students login and find all the important information!!

  • My UACCH
  • Webber
  • Advisor
  • Learning Styles

Day 2:
Reading & Memory techniques

Day 3:

Day 4:
Test taking

Online Requirements
Students would login to Webber and answer discussion questions and take tests once a week. This can be done from any computer with internet access and does not have to be done on the UACCH campus.

Friday Requirements
Students will meet with their College Life Skills teacher as a group each Friday from 12-1.

  • Bring your lunch.
  • Discuss issues
  • Play games
  • Answer questions

For more information, please contact your advisor.