The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is an accredited, open access, two-year institution of higher education that connects students and community partners to quality education and supports a culture of academic, occupational, personal growth and enrichment programs throughout Southwest Arkansas.


Founded in 1965 as Red River Vocational-Technical School, the school officially became Red River Technical College in 1991 and operated under the guidelines of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. In 1996, Red River Technical College became a division of the University of Arkansas System and was renamed the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope. The campus is set among the pines of a beautiful 100-acre tract in the heart of Southwest Arkansas. State-of-the-art facilities and the latest technological equipment are just a few of the advantages you find on the campus at UACCH.

Vision and Values

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope envisions itself as a twenty-first century model community college. To make our vision a reality, UACCH will reach beyond traditional boundaries so that students can overcome obstacles, achieve dreams and reach their full potential. We will empower a network of diverse and committed individuals to work creatively and collaboratively toward shared principles and the common goal of student success. Our learning environments will be nurturing, accepting, personalized and student-focused. We will vow to the community that we serve to always be attentive to our mission, cohesive in our approach and responsive to changing needs.

As a commitment to our mission and in order to pursue our vision the following core values will serve as the bridge to our future:

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope values students. We are student focused in all that we do and highly committed to reaching beyond boundaries to make positive change in the lives of our students. The college fosters individual growth, encourages personal success and provides educational opportunities in an effort to empower students to lead productive and prosperous lives and achieve their full potential.

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope values diversity. We are a dynamic community of unique and diverse individuals with shared principles and common goals. The college is a cohesive network that works to create a nurturing, accepting and personalized campus that meets the needs of individual students as they strive to overcome obstacles and make their dreams come true.

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope values versatility. We provide opportunity to the populace in southwest Arkansas through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated administration, faculty and staff. The college is steadfast in its labors to provide quality programs with high educational standards and unwavering in its efforts to train future workforces, to educate individual students and to be responsive to changing societal needs.

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope values quality. We are success oriented. College employees are hard working, devoted individuals who are committed to providing quality education and who stand united and are connected through their efforts to make a difference.

The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope values community. We are a public institution with a personal touch. The college thrives on community involvement, is responsive to community needs and seeks overall prosperity through collaborative and cooperative ventures that expand opportunities for area residents.

  “UACCH is a home away from home.
I love my job, the faculty/staff I work with and the students.
We are family.”Sonya Thomas, Career Pathways Director

Recent Highlights

Construction is complete on the new 64,000 square foot, 1,600 seat Hempstead Hall Conference Center and Auditorium.

UACCH will be opened the UACCH-Texarkana Instructional Center fall 2012.

UACCH is exceeding state and national retention rates.

UACCH recently installed an on-campus notification system and opened a Hempstead County Law Enforcement Sub-station on campus.

UACCH recently graduated its first Power Plant Technology class with a pre-employment test pass rate of 100%.

UACCH graduated a record number of graduates this spring with 574 students receiving degrees and certificates.

UACCH recently constructed a new state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot Science Technology center.

UACCH Quick Facts