The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope announced Thursday that their Career Pathways Program and TRiO Student Support Service have each received three donated laptops that are available for student use.  The laptop computers were donated through the Hempstead County Connected Communities and then refurbished by the UACCH Computer Maintenance I and II classes. 

Tosha Bradley, UACCH Information Systems Instructor said, “I have seen this as an invaluable project for our Information Systems students because they are getting ‘real world’ experience refurbishing computers.”  Last spring the Information Systems department was able to secure a Microsoft Refurbisher License which allows the students to install fresh copies of Windows XP and Office 2007 on the machines after all the necessary hardware updates have been made. 

These computers will be an asset to students who need extended access to a computer. For Example, Career Pathways will loan out the laptops for a week at a time to eligible students who need them to complete class assignments.  Assignments may include on-line research, papers and other projects for class, or math lessons. The generous gift of these computers allows students to do their work, then come to campus to print the work for class. 

The Hempstead County Connected Communities accepts donated computers throughout the year. If you or your company would like more information about how to donate your used computers to the program, please contact Tosha Bradley at 870-777-5722.

Pictured working on laptops are UACCH students from near to far:  Joshua Walker – Hope, John Evans – Hope,  Shelby Neece – Hope,  Daylon Biggs – Prescott. Standing from left to right is UACCH Information Systems Instructor Tosha Bradley, UACCH Director of Telecommunications Dave Phillips, Director of TRiO Student Support Services Mary White, and Career Pathways Director Dr. Claudia Griffin.