The U of A Hope-Texarkana Foundation is pleased to announce that Dave and Judy Phillips of Emmet, Arkansas have endowed the Harlequin Annual Scholarship, renaming it the Harlequin Endowed Scholarship, in honor John and Hazel Watson, Judy’s parents.  The endowed scholarship will be given to a non-traditional student who is not eligible for Pell assistance and who maintains a 2.75 grade point average while pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice or Business at U of A Hope or Texarkana.

The endowing of this scholarship is a great example of a family’s commitment to the College and this community.  The plan to endow this scholarship began in 2006 when the Phillipses established the Harlequin Annual Scholarship as one of three scholarships they started that year. Dave, who serves as Director of Telecommunications at the College, and Judy work throughout the community on many projects.  They exhibit a heart for their community and students.  They shared during the gift presentation that they had been saving and planning to endow this scholarship to assure it will remain a resource for students for many years.

Dave Phillips said, “There was no way that Judy and I could have donated $10,000 to establish a scholarship eight years ago; so we put together a plan to save funds each year in an interest bearing account to help us reach our goal of endowing this scholarship.  We then paid the annual scholarship award each year until our savings plan provided enough for us to endow the scholarship.  We are continuing with our savings plan in hopes of endowing the Ace Electric scholarships in the next few years.”

Please help the U of A Hope –Texarkana Foundation express our appreciation to Dave and Judy Phillips for their support of the Foundation and the College. For more about UACCH, visit the College website at

Harlequin Endowed Scholarship comp PICTURE: UACCH Chris Thomason accepts check from Judy and Dave Phillips to endow the Harlequin Scholarship