Counseling and Guidance

Free 24/7 mental health support line services offered to University of Arkansas Hope Texarkana students.

For whatever life challenges you may be facing with your mental health – stress, academics, relationships, or feeling anxious from having too much on your plate – Wellness@UAHT provides a free 24/7 Support Line for your mental health and well-being.

The 24/7 Support Line is staffed exclusively by licensed mental health counselors and offers students unlimited and immediate access to in-the-moment support, anytime day or night from any location. You will also be connected to next steps, if required, to ensure you receive the mental health support you need. Call (833) 434-1217.

Whether you are looking for in-the-moment support, stress relief techniques, or simply a place to browse self-help content and videos, we are here to help. To learn more, visit the wellness hub at

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Student Advising System

Students are generally assigned to advisors on the basis of their academic major. Students that indicate a need for developmental courses in preparation for taking college-level courses will be assigned an advisor in the Student Services area, the Title III program, or a faculty member from the Academic Skills department. First-time students with a high degree of uncertainty about their career goals and their choice of major will be directed to a counselor in the Student Services department. Once the undecided student has become more definite about their career plans and/or major field of study and are no longer required to be in developmental courses, they will be re-assigned to an appropriate faculty advisor in their major.

Student Appeals Committee

The College maintains a Student Appeals Committee appointed by the Chancellor. Typical concerns referred to this committee relate to student dismissals, student activities, and academic problems.

Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy

Act 943, passed by the Arkansas Legislature in 2015 directs college and universities to develop and implement action plans to help students prevent an unplanned pregnancy or delay plans for additional pregnancies.

Arkansas is #1 in birth rates for 18-19-year-olds and unplanned births result in 1 in 10 college dropouts*. The topic of preventing unplanned pregnancy is relevant for both college men and women, for those who are already parents, as well as those who are not parents.


Arkansas Department of Health
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

*Data obtained from The Arkansas Campaign to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy