The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope TRiO Student Support Services would like to Congratulate Ms. Bessie Parker on receiving the TRiO Achiever Award for UACCH this year at the annual TRiO Day celebration. This award is presented to a student who has and/or is achieving both inside and outside the classroom. Another important criterion for this award is that the participant must have had to overcome various types of obstacles while pursuing a degree. A brief summary of Ms. Parker’s TRiO Achiever Story is that she starts her day at 4:30 a.m. each morning at Southern Bakery of Hope and works until 4 p.m. each evening. After work she comes directly to the TRiO Center Monday through Thursday and studies until it is time for her night class. She attends class 4 nights a week. TRiO Stories like that of Ms. Parker and so many others are examples and proof that TRiO WORKS!

Also, UACCH TRiO Student Support Services participants received 1st place awards for the Poster and Can Food Drive Contest at the Annual TRiO Day celebration which was held Saturday, February 26, at Pulaski Technical College in Little Rock. TRiO Day is celebrated all over the United States each year on the last Saturday in February. Students from various high schools and colleges all over Arkansas come together for this annual celebration. TRiO Day is hosted each year by a different college/university.

UACCH would like to congratulate Ms. Bessie Parker for being recognized for her outstanding dedication and hard work. For more information about UACCH and the organizations on campus, visit our College website at