The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce that its College Relations Team recently won 3 Gold Medals and 3 Silver Medals from the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations (NCMPR). UACCH is a member of District 4 of this national organization that includes 94 colleges from Arkansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming.

The award-winning pieces include a print ad designed to inform its audience about the new power plant technology program available at UACCH. This single division print ad won a silver medal. The second silver award was won in the postcard division by a piece informing readers of the benefits of the lottery scholarship. The final silver award was won with a video piece developed to commemorate the groundbreaking of Hempstead Hall.

The three Gold Medals were won for a television ad, a radio ad, and a print ad. The television ad was filmed on campus and was aired throughout the region to help depict the many opportunities available for students here at UACCH. The radio ad pinpointed the importance, now more than ever, of higher education. It was used to encourage students to consider enrolling at UACCH. Finally, a third gold medal was won with a print ad encouraging students to think about furthering their education at the right college to help them get the right career.

The College Relations Department at UACCH includes Brent Talley, Coordinator of Communications and External Affairs, and Casey Curtis, Coordinator of Advertising. Curtis’s keen eye for design and a grounded understanding of what appeals to students play a key role in representing UACCH, while Talley’s creative concepts, can-do attitude, and understanding of how to get things done help this team work with many other key individuals, keeping UACCH in the hearts and on the minds of the community.