The University of Arkansas Community College at Hope is pleased to announce that its Career Coaches Program has been recognized for its recent success in the early stages of the program.  The Career Coaches Program is part of the Arkansas Works Initiative that was recently expanded by Governor Beebe to include career coaches in 21 of Arkansas’s most economically challenged counties.  The pilot program will run from September of 2009 until September of 2012. 

As mandated by the grant, the Arkansas Works program and Career Coaches will provide services to all students who attend middle or high school in the 21 identified counties. The top three counties that had the most growth in number of students applying for financial aid were Bradley, Lafayette, and Hempstead Counties.  Two of these top three counties are served by UACCH Career Coaches Britta Clark, Lindsey Hughey, and Edessa Walton. 

The increase in financial aid applications is important because it gives students hope that obtaining some form of higher education is possible.  Educating students and parents on the forms of financial aid is one of the most beneficial serves that career coaches can provide.  UACCH would like to congratulate Career Coaches Britta Clark, Lindsey Hughey, and Edessa Walton for a job well done.


Pictured with Dr. Jim Purcell, Director of the Arkansas Department of Higher Education, are Career Coaches Lindsey Hughey and Britta Clark.